In India, this day comes during extremely hot summer, Chandan (sandal wood) and white coloured and light vastra is adorned to Thakorji.

Chandan is mixed with 4 items – Kesar, Kasturi, Kapur and Chova and then the mixed paste is smeared on prabhu’s Shriang (body).

  • Chandan is the colour of Chandravaliji
  • Kesar is the colour of Swaminiji,
  • Kapur is the colour of Yuthadhipati and Shri Lalitaji
  • Chova is the love of Devottees towards Shri Thakorji.
  • Kasturi is the colour of Thakorji’s swaroop and whilte vastra signifies coolness and provides Thakorji with ease in the summer season.

Kumkum and Chandan is adorned to Thakorji by Priyaji on this auspicious day and with this bhavana we adorned Thakorji with kumkum and chandan.

Chandan must be applied on the Kapol (forehead) and on the Vaksha (Chest) of Thakorji.

The bhavna behind this is that, by applying chandan and kumkum to the Thakorji, it provides coolness to the Virah agni of the devotee, created out of being away from Thakorji for thousands of years.

|| Shri Vallabhadish Ki Jay ||