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In July 2011, after years of planning, the Vaishnav devotees of Queensland were inspired, under the guidance of Goswami Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahoday (Kadi – Ahmedabad ) to establish the Vaishnav Sangh of Queensland.

Goswamiji also encouraged one place of worship and regular bhajans and meetings. The Vaishnav Sangh is in the process of getting registered with The Department of Fair Trading.

Goswami Shri Dwarkeshlalji, also wanted Vaishnavs to promote Vaishnav Sangh amongst the community

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Objectives of Vaishnav Sangh:

1. To provide persons of Pushti Marg faith in Queensland with a common place of worship.
2. To promote the philosophy of Pushti Marg to the people of Queensland.
3. To have regular bhajans and eventually build a temple.
4. To encourage young people to join Vaishnav Sangh.
5. To distribute Pushti Marg literature i.e. bhajans & philosophy of Pushti Marg
6. To raise funds to operate the Vaishnav Sangh.
7. To invite Goswamis on a regular basis, to educate and promote Pushti Marg
8. To co-ordinate with other Vaishnav Sanghs in Australia.


Pushti Marg is the Path of Grace. The beautiful worship includes colour, music, delicate food, ornaments, regular changing of Vastra(clothes). At present devotees are able to change the vastras for each monthly satsang ( meeting).
Queensland Vaishnavas devote much time, effort and donations ( both)

During the first Brisbane visit of Goswami Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahoday, warmly known as JJ Shri, the beautiful Swaroop of Shree Nathji was enunciated (Sthaapna). Two musicians accompanied JJ Shri and the blissful start was accompanied with melodious music, mahaprasad and many devoted Vaishnavas who sang , danced and contributed generously to the occasion.
All Utsavs are celebrated with much enthusiasm, decorations, music and mahaprasad.

The number of devotees is steadily increasing with a large attendance always at the, the August Nand Mahotsva celebrations and the Annakut Mahotsav and the monthly satsangs where with singing and reciting of paths, discussions on various topics also take place.

Recently the young Vaishnavs started the Youth Wing. The Youth Wing in addition to bhajans often make innovative presentations in English to further increase awareness and knowledge of Pushti Marg. The Youth wing also has decided to educate and entertain the young kids during the satsang.

VSQ Activity
VSQ Activity
VSQ Activity